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About us

Favor Lane is a an online party boutique which specialises in Modern, Stylish and Unique Party and Event Supplies for any occasion. Our products are sourced from all over the globe with a strong focus on quality and affordability.  We believe a celebration should be fun and as easy as possible. Customer service and satisfaction is by far the most important thing to us.

Favor Lane: Founder + Director, Shelley Sykes

Ever wondered who's behind the screen? Who selects the products, packs the orders, answers your emails ? ME!!!!

Read on if you'd like to know 5 things that make me ME!!

  1. I was born (then adopted) and raised in Perth, WA by two of the most amazing humans (who very sadly, were both taken by cancer), They taught me so much, but most importantly to love, be honest, work hard and appreciate every day. 
  2. I have an extremely hard working and supportive husband and I am a mother of two young boys. Jacob and Matthew. I always wanted to be a stay at home mum but after four years at home with a cat napper (who still didn't sleep through the night), I knew I had to do something. Given I had a background in Sales and a love of parties and events, I decided to take the risk and start my own little online biz. This has allowed me to work around my boys, do school drops off/pick ups, attend excursions and assemblies.
  3. I talk too much.
  4. My passions are eating, drinking champagne (not the expensive kind...sparkling wine is fine), singing and dancing.  
  5. I love everything about parties and believe that life should be not only appreciated but also CELEBRATED.


Thanks for reading my story. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any queries.

Enjoy, Shelley x