Calling All Octonauts

Calling All Octonauts


"OCTONAUTS, Report to your stations"

Well, with a little boy obsessed by Kwazii Kitten and Dashie Dog, there was no guessing what theme he would choose for his 5th Birthday Party.

Before I could begin a thing, I had to sit down and watch one of our many Octonaut's DVD's and Matthew gave me the run down on who was who. I met Captain Barnacles, Tunips the vegimal and many more funny little sea creatures. From that point on, my mind went into over drive and I survived on very little sleep over the weeks leading up to the big day.

I wanted the guests to feel like they had stepped into an undersea adventure. I decided that the dessert buffet needed to be positioned so that it was the first thing the guests saw as they entered the room. With an underwater backdrop and sand colour table cloth to replicate the bottom of the ocean, there was an immediate sensation of being in an underwater world.


Dessert Table Styled by Favor Lane

The food on the dessert buffet had to represent the characters. So we had Captain's Cupcakes and Kwazii Cakes which were made by the very clever Mabel from Sweets for my Sweet. These were displayed on stunning Rosanna Cake Stands from Favor Lane and sat on a bed of raw sugar for a sand effect. The Octoron's (Macaron's) by Dee's Sweet Boutique were a hit and as always, looked and tasted divine.


Cupcakes by Sweets for my Sweet displayed on Rosanna Cake Stand - Favor Lane

Macarons by Dee's Sweet Boutique

The main attraction on the dessert buffet was by far the "Octonaut's Gup Cake" made by Sweets for my Sweet. It looked amazing. It was a chocolate mud cake inside and no words can describe how delicious it was. Mabel certainly knows how to bake and decorate a cake !


Octonauts Gup Cake by Sweets for my Sweet.

Other goodies on the table included, Octojello served in our Mini French Apothecary Jars. Our Vintage Striped Wooden Icecream Spoons in Sea Breeze were attached with natural twine. Shells were scattered over the table to compliment the ocean floor effect.

Dashie Dog and Peso Penquin were not forgotten. A very clever friend made iced cookies as seen below. To say the kids loved them would be an understatement.

Before the children got stuck into all the yummy dessert treats, we served some funky oceans nibblies such as, "Octorolls" (Nori Rolls), "Sea Urchins" (Potato Gems) and "Sauci dog rolls" (Sausage Rolls). This was washed down with some "Octojuice".


Vintage Milk Bottles, Striped Straws, Paper Fans and Yorkshire Drink Dispenser - Favor Lane.

After eating, we played "Pass Peso's Parcel" and "Put the Patch on Kwazii". Kwazii was drawn by the clever Mr Favor Lane. An activity table was set up with Sea Creature Play Doh Shape Cutters, Octonaut's Colouring Sheets and Cardboard Goggles to decorate with lot's of under the sea stickers, glitter and more.

Upon arrival each child was given an Octonaut's Party Hat, Kwazii Eye Patch and Octonauts Flag from Favor Lane.


Each invited guest was given a Favour Bag to thank them for coming. Inside were many little treats such as an Octonauts notepad, a fish sharpener, Arnott's Under the sea shapes, crayons and a sea creature stamp. All items available from our online store.



Each child was also given a tin pail as they were leaving which they filled with "Barnacle's Beans" and "Octopods". They also received a Retro Swirl Lollipop - Favor Lane. This was a nice way to make sure siblings didn't miss out.

Special guest and birthday present "Bluey" the Japanese fighting fish was the star of the day. We were under the sea after all :).

Thank you for viewing our Octonauts Party. I hope it's given you some great ideas for your next special celebration.

Vendor Credits:

Main Cake and Cupcakes: Sweets for my sweet

Macarons: Dee's Sweet Boutique

Photography: Vaio Photography

Party Products, Cake Stands and Styling: Favor Lane

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