How to Style the Ultimate Party

How to Style the Ultimate Party

Illume Partyware together with Favor Lane Party Boutique

How To Style The Ultimate Party


Styling and bringing together a party can be so much fun, from selecting your decorations to setting the table. Today we're sharing 6 great tips that will help you style the ultimate party. 


1. Choose Your Theme

Often choosing a theme makes the whole planning process a lot easier.        A theme can really tell a story about the birthday child/adult. A favourite book, movie, TV show or colour is always a good start. Or you may have seen some Partyware that you want to use, like us with the ‘Be Bubbly’ party. Given we’d chosen the NEW Illume Partyware ‘Iridescent Pastel’ range, we thought we’d go with a bubble theme to capture the way that bubbles illuminate when light reflects off them. In the same way that iridescent foil does. It’s also quite an easy and inexpensive theme to work around. And what child doesn’t like bubbles…Right?

2. Pick Your Partyware

The Partyware is often based on the theme and remember a theme can also be based on colour. In addition to deciding on a range, it’s important to think about exactly what items you’ll be needing. With tableware, I find lists work well to ensure that nothing is missed.


Lunch/Dinner Plates

Cake/Dessert Plates






3. Choose Your Decorations

After you’ve chosen a theme, deciding what decorations to go with should fall into place quite easily. We wanted to firstly, replicate bubbles, therefore we chose Clear Latex Balloons in 3 different sizes to give them the transparent look of bubbles. And secondly, to add the illumination of colours that bubbles provide, we went with iridescent foil balloons. This included the NEW Illume Partyware, Holographic Foil Star Balloon.


4. Style Your Space 

Styling your space is always fun but it can also create some hiccups, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with or you only have limited set up time at a venue. If you are having your party offsite, we recommend doing a quick site visit so you know, 1. how much room you have to work with and 2. if you have the option to hang decorations etc. If you are hosting the party at home, it’s a good idea to start styling your space a day or two prior. This will not only save you time on the party day, but should also make things run a little smoother. We all know how much there is to do at the last minute!


5. Set Your Table 

Setting the table is one of my favourite parts and my advice would be, keep it simple. Consider the amount of room that you have on the table. If space is limited, simply add your plates, napkins, cups & cutlery  (if required). A small treat (we used Iridescent Lollipops) can be placed on the plate which again, saves room, without crowding the table. Favour Bags/Take home gifts can be displayed elsewhere on a small table or buffet.  If on the other hand you have plenty of room then it’s nice to add a little place setting for each guest and a centrepiece on the table which highlights your theme. We created a garland using balloons however flowers also finish a table off beautifully. It’s always a good sign, when your guests can’t wait to sit at the party table.


6. Choose You Cake & Desserts 

The best part!!! Let them eat cake! Desserts really have come a long way since toffee apples and chocolate crackles. The options are endless. I always like to base my desserts around a theme but it’s not a necessity. I do find however, that it makes choosing the type, style and colour of your desserts, a lot easier. If we use the ‘Be Bubbly’ party as an example, the Ombre Pastel Rainbow effect of each dessert, was chosen to match the tableware. We then created a balloon garland to give the effect of bubbles flowing out of the cake. The cake was finished with an Iridescent Foil Cake Topper to once again tie in with the Pastel Iridescent Tableware. We wanted to use the matching Pastel Iridescent Baking Cups so cupcakes were a must.  Iridescent Bubble Look Cookies, Macarons, Donuts and Bubbly Iridescent Fudge also complimented the theme.


Happy Partying!

 Shelley Sykes - Favor Lane Party Boutique

 Vendor Credits

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Iridescent Tableware, Cupcake Wrappers + Iridescent Star Balloons Illume Partyware available via Favor Lane
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